Thursday, January 29, 2015

#FearlessFriday Sewing is fashionable!

Yeah! The mini documentary about my personal style is finally here.

Some of the behind the scene pictures.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time machine: Sewing on TV

Hello friends,

Source  Lucy Wants New Furniture
As the 3rd series of BBC Sewing Bee is soon to hit ours British screens I thought we could look back on different sewing programs hosted by the BBC over the years.

Firstly broadcasted in 1962 "Clothes that count: Suits". The program starts by stating how female equality has turned girl's into style stealers (nothing left from men's closet apparently) and every British girl now owns a suit. The presenter than picks a pattern suggestion from "many many" printed patterns available.  McCall's 8756 for 5 shillings.  £0.25 in today's money. 
Source: BBC 
Since the pattern was chosen due its versatility we can see it made on 4 models different models. A little description of the pattern is repeated again and how suitable is for different fabrics and body shapes.
Source: BBC
The program than shows Ann Ladbury (sewing expert that many of you may already have heard of) as she talk about simple pattern alterations for that pattern. How to increase the hip size, increase the size of a dart. Grading for larger sizes, increase blouse darts, slopping shoulders, trousers crotch curve alterations...  All the details were printed on the radio times supplement. (Part 1/ Part 2)

Incredibly similar role to what we do today as "sewing bloggers" over the internet. We share our makes with ours unique styles choices and our thoughts. Most of us are far from trained experts but we diffuse what we learn with a lot of passion. And I love that!

This series ran divided into 10 shows: Exploring suits, double breasted coats, shirt wasters. Where just a few of them. Suits series must have been so popular that in 1969 "New clothes that count: suits" was released. Each program explore a printed pattern. I have linked all the archived videos for your viewing pleasure. 

Ann came back to the screens as a presenter of Weekend Wardrobe.

In the 80's fashionable ladies had limited time to dedicate to sewing so the program focused making outfits that could be made during the weekend. The series accompanied by a book of patterns, which I found a copy on a local charity shop.  I have a bit of a 'treasure hunter' trill when I enter those shops. I rarely buy clothes but so many antique pottery and books to be had if you have the patience to look.

The patterns were designed by Caroline Charles. She stills designs today and have worked with famous clients like the Beatles, Mick Jagger etc. The scope was to create glamorous and wearable separates. No complicated fastenings, fussy details were used. I actually think most of the designs could be recycled today without feeling like 80"s fashion.

Source BBC
There were 10 episodes shown. I could only watch episode one.  Shame they didn't archived the rest.

If you enjoyed this blog post I would recommend you to spend some time looking at the BBC archives. I have also enjoyed their knitting shows from the 70's. ( big fashion trend of 2015)

Both programs differ from current "reality style/competition" from today's. Looking back to the past formats I honestly think the mixture of them all would be the greatest TV ever!  How about you? Do you like how sewing is portrayed on TV?

Friday, January 23, 2015

A little touch of spring. Tyler shirt

Hello darlings,

This project has not only been ready for ages (September/ October 2014) but was in wearing rotation non-stop till the weather turn colder. I love making stuff and of course to share "fashion" photos (photography/styling is also a passion hence picture heavy posts) but it can get a bit boring being my one & only model all the time.  I think most bloggers get tired of their over exposed image once in a while and some projects can get skipped.  

Since my mom is here for a few weeks and sewing room is packed away I took the opportunity to dig this out for you. Ps: No, I'm not wearing handmade jeans. I want to tackle jeans and bras at some point this year. Thinking to try both the ginger and the jamie at the same time and compare.

Firstly, I must say how much I LOVE this project! This is one those makes that been blessed by sewing magic. 

The pattern and the fabric are perfectly matched. Even thou this is super girly (for me) the print just make me incredibly happy. All shirts should be made out of Voile. Delicious! I used Emmy Grace by Bari J for Art Gallery. The finishing touchers are as cute as the fabric. Pink Buttons and different denim scraps for the collar/under collar and plackets.
Details are so important specially on handmade clothes.

The pattern is Tyler shirt by named. I sewn size 38 with a very small FBA. I cannot remember how much because my muslin and alterations were made in june and I didn't write anything. I normally do so I was quite confused grumpy when I couldn't find any details. I will have to recollect stuff from memory. Oh forget it.

The only change I would do for the next one is to make the collar bigger. Being tall I can carry volume. Tiny/cutiesy details looks out of place. Being a romantic at heart I love little pretty things but they just disappear with my personally! That's what I tell myself anyway.

I have posted a lot of details photos over the web during the making off including my tips for perfect buttonholes.

Now, give me get back my coat! Brrrrrr....

Ps: I have only a few preschedule posts for the next weeks while Mom's here but you can follow our adventures on Instagram   

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reader survey, Yah or Nay?

Hello friends,

Reader's surveys are quite common among professional/ monetised blogs but recently I have noticed so many personal blogs launching questionnaires to their followers.

The reasoning "they say" is that knowing who are the people out there that value their work and are willing to express their preferences would definitely help to focus on the "desirable" content.  I agree that would be an interesting discovery for the blogger. But what's for the reader?

Depending on the questions it would give readers the opportunity to say what's 'working' or 'not' for them. A safe place where constructive criticism is asked and dealt with. Any of the survey's I answered have not dealt with that matter.

But what are your thoughts? I would love to hear opinions.

Blog's surveys a good thing or not? What types of questions are acceptable or not for non monetised blogs and why? 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Walk on the wild side. Shadi skirt for Jungle January

Pretty Grievances host one my favourite yearly challenge #junglejanuary. An animal print lover extravaganza. I personally love the traditional cat prints so I tend to stay around that colour hue. The advantage of investing time in making something so classic is that the style is beyond fashion.

It does not age and a great foundation to any girl's wardrobe. Besides wearing animal print gives such a glamorous/ old Hollywood vibe, doesn't it?

Last year I went on a scuba buying hunt and managed to get a fun selection of fashion fabrics: windowpane, floral (Saiph dress and Nepture top retrospectively) but was struggling to find the right animal print. Perusing the local charity shops I saw the perfect fabric/print in the form of a body con dress for £4. I will have that, thank you! 
The dress fabric was re-cut it into Named Shadi knit skirt. The pattern is easy to make and beautifully drafted so It wasn't hard to pick as my pattern choice. Omitted the waistband.

I overlocked the elastic directly on top of the skirt and folded inside. That's the method I seen in all the RTW scuba skirts. Works well when there is a lot of negative ease. 

Went one size smaller than the lace one because of the amount of stretch of the fabric.

I should make everything in scuba. Love this stuff!

The skirt stretches horizontally. Something I didn't experience with the previous scubas.

There nothing I can add in terms of construction or techniques. This is just one of the meat and potato projects I'm building in my closet. Basics-not-boring!

People stop to talk to me when I'm shooting. Does it happens to you?
Are you taking part of jungle january or any other sewing challenge?